Back Massage

Just had a massage session today, I would like to express great compliment for the receptionist Elise. She is extremely polite and friendly who exhibits patience and professional manner. She explained patiently for all the packages available. I had a great session with therapist Rainie who is so skillful and easy going person. We had a great talk during the massage session. A great experience and highly recommended.

I have been to Grandeur Spa months ago but didn’t visit for a long time. Normally, when I go to a spa, I usually try all masseurs/ therapists and then finally stick to the favorite one or two. This time around, after I tried Nana, I do not need to try more because my first experience is already phenomenal. She speaks English pretty well and I don’t feel isolated. Friendly chit-chat, magical hands made my day whenever I go there. Whenever I’m free from work, I feel like going there. You will have no regret to go to Nana and I fully recommend her. I’m sure every therapist has her own strength and beauty and I’ll expand my enjoyment by going to Grandeur more often. Remember..! NANA..! Thanks a lot, Nana. Best Wishes 


Htayy Win

This is a place worthy of our coming! The staff were very kind to us when we went in and I feel very relaxed during the massage. I had a great session with therapist Angela , I have a good conversation with her and a she also has great skills in massage. I'll be back here for her next time.

Just had a session with Summer despite my first time there. Ambience wise was good and with friendly staff, and will consider as a regular go-to place. Summer is skillful in her massage that she applied enough strength especially in areas to release the muscle tension for the hot oil massage though I wasn't able to communicate in Chinese but she was very patient and professional on that despite my poor command in Chinese. Would definitely book for Summer for my next visit.

lao husky

Joseph Solomon